Re-authoring and re-humanising practices


What is Narrative Practice?

The narrative approach incorporates the re-authoring approach which sees human beings as storying beings that have two very important skills with which they navigate their lives: story-making and meaning-making skills. We connect the dots of our lives through our meaning making capacity which we again use to formulate our own narrative about who we are (identity), what our relationships are like (community) and how we see the world (reality). We live in a world where we very easily get seduced into accepting the way things are, because we get "assimilated" into our societies and cultures. Compliance to these taken for granted ideas and beliefs brings rewards, whereas non-compliance is frowned upon. We carry these responses to demands made on our behaviour into adulthood. Eventually, we arrive at a point in our lives  where we long for and admire those that seem to be living their own lives, and do so authentically. We then remember our dreams, that which we knew we were meant to do and be.... and find ourselves stuck in a dominant story that is not serving our best selves, so that we do not become the best we can be for the world. And we end up so unhappy.  

How does the narrative practice contribute?

The narrative practice is a dialogiocally orientated approach that empowers people to re-write their alternative life stories, to take back the pen and re-author their lives, so allowing themselves to step into their authentic humanity. By doing so, we see the stirrings of a re-humanised world, where every person sees their own possibilities with new eyes, and the hope of a new future arising.

The narrative practice is a confrontation with ourselves, as it challenges our courage to step into living what we believe to be true and right and based on who we really are. And stepping into our full selves, we automatically become the best we can for the world. 

The narrative practice is a key building block in corporate culture transformation, because it changes the language of corporates. 

How does it work?

By attending our workshops, re-authoring questions will give you a glimpse into a possible future that you never thought likely,  In this work we are invited into the possibility of re-authoring our lives, communal and organisational narratives as we take up the pens and colours with which we can write or paint our lives and systems into preferred ways of being in this world. Re-authoring work invites us to live a life where our participation in the world really matters. And there we find meaning. 

We design and run taylor made workshops for small teams, all organisations and even individuals who have a thirst for positive change and a shift from stuckness to victory and break through. We use the narrative practice as a dialogic intervention where traditional change management approaches and techniques of "creating buy-in" fail. 

Re-authoring practices