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Possibility Practitioners


"Why does organizational transformation fail so often?" asks the CEO at reflecting upon the poor benefits realization during the last big transformation program. 

"How can I deal better with personal change?" asks the employee who will be transferred to the next city for the third time, all as part of a rightsizing exercise driven by the latest best practice business school improvement initiative. 

"Why can I not change?" asks the husband who stares in disbelief at the summons for a divorce. 

"Was this now it?" asks the retired CEO upon reflecting on the lingering emptiness despite the lifelong investment in affluence, lifestyle and success. 

"What shall I do with my life?" asks the student who has no idea what direction to take after years of schooling. 

Do questions like this echo in the hallways of your mind, whether you are a CEO, home executive, husband, ordinary person or student about to embark on his or her biggest life adventure?  

Indigo Skye Transformation, born on the cold and hostile high summits of the Himalayas, offers you a value proposition linking strategy and systemic intervention with genuine self-discovery and self-development. We confront these challenging questions from a place of purpose, values, our common humanity and the possibility that you are. We co-journey with our clients, using a dialogic approach rooted in our deep belief in unconditional human dignity and worthiness. We are possibility practitioners.  
Are you up to this provocative adventure? 

What we do

We apply Dialogic Organisational Development Practices to deliver systemic solutions for organizational effectiveness challenges.

Logo therapy and Existential Analysis workshops

 Meaning Centred Living and Working

We are certified associate Logo-therapists. As members of the Victor Frankl Institute, we live with purpose and co-journey with clients towards finding their own meaning and purpose through embracing their own life challenges with dignity, responsibility and ownership.

We design and facilitate workshops around finding meaning and purpose in everyday life, be it in society, corporate, teams or as individuals. Based on client preferance, we combine these workshops of "finding meaning and purpose " with journeys to extraordinary and exotic places. Only for the adventurous!

Organisational Climate Assessment and Development

From algorithms to performance - metrics that matter

We are certified and licenced associates of Afriforte. and their instruments. We use scientific and reliable statistical instruments to diagnose organizational health and climate, predict performance and design fit for purpose interventions to mitigate organizational performance risk. The outcome of interventions designed and implemented based on the diagnostic ensures strategic success by matching your employee's capabilities to the employees’ capability to act on strategic intent. We therefore link human factor outcomes to the bottom line of the organisation and manage causal factors based on evidence and impact.

Narrative Practices

Re-humanising Individuals, Teams, Organisations and Communities

We apply the narrative lens in facilitating the re-authoring of humanity of individuals, business and society. This approach stands on the shoulders of those who dared challenge the "taken for granted" ways of the world, inviting participants to take up their own pens and re-write their alternative lives based on their own multiplicity of identities and knowledges. This approach opens up alternative futures never imagined possible before. We use the narrative lens as dialogic organisational intervention for all transformation and change initiatives. 

Building High Performing Teams

Team Building that Delivers Performance

We are certified and licenced in the application of the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile (TMP). Our team building is scientific and utilise team profiling measures that build on the foundations of human strengths and work preferences, with a strong focus on delivering performance. We may also have a fun day out of the office!

Strategy, Culture, Change and Transformation 

Building Robust Execution Capability

We are certified and licensed to use well researched and internationally proven transformation- and change management frameworks, tools and methodologies. 

We apply these and other tried and tested approaches in combination with years of experience to measure culture and manage change. and to facilitate effective implementation strategies. We follow a systemic and dialogic approach with a strong focus on building employee capability and knowledge transfer.

Our Origins

A dream born in the majestic Himalayas 

A dream is born....April 2013, Nepal

Setting out to "conquer" a mountain"- one begins to wonder...... As the ascent to the summit began, a new awareness arose, slowly burning away the ego and the notion that a mountain can be conquered. With the body wasting away in this hostile environment, gasping in the deep indigo sky sharply etched against the pure white snow capped high altitude summit, hopes of "victory" gave way to an overwhelming sense of grace and gratitude....and then the realization came: no-one ever conquers a mountain, we only conquer ourselves. And there, on that summit with that indigo coloured sky above, this dream was born. 

Our origins 

This transformation journey started many, many years ago, with the violent death of a family member aged 21. Searching for answers and the meaning of this horror, the famous work of Viktor Frankl- "Man's search for meaning" came when the student was ready. Grasping the enormity of the challenge to transform this loss into purpose and victory, a conscious decision was made to pursue that goal and enter the world of transformation and change - a world in which a difference can be made. This re-invention required deep interrogation into purpose, spawinging the first step towards a PhD. 

The scene was set to venture into the world of change and transformation. 

Ardently pursuing opportunites to express this passion, here in the corporate world of constant change, the painful realisation slowly arose that succesful transformation resides not in "best in class models", or the latest fads and fashions being spewed out from the latest business schools, It resides in people. But we have to start with ourselves and a brutal confrontation with our values, beliefs and worldviews. The realization that extreme altitude mountaineering transforms life, triggered readiness for this challenge. Setting out to endure the severe difficulty and dangers of a high altitude summit in the Himalayas,  the profound lessons learnt during this constant battle between life and death. between success and giving up informs the approach now followed by Indigo Skye. 

Our beliefs

The philosophy and work of Indigo Skye is informed by a deep passion for restoring the soul and humanness of organisations, driven by a strong sense of purpose. Organisations often speak eloquently about their “people assets” and then proceed blissfully unaware of the enormous possibilities just waiting to be unleashed. The language we often hear reflects these beliefs. We hear speak of "human resources, as if we can consume them, or human assets, as if we can own them, even human capital, as if we can invest them, but all for the benefit of the shareholder, as if people have no choice. .

We envision a world where humans are seen as possibilities and contributors to profitability, and not as costs, Profit then becomes a result of people who live into the possibilities that they are and can become. 

The philosophy of the work

We learnt through hard lessons on the high Himalayan summits that, to be successful in culture and transformation work, a paradigm of “go slow to go fast,” works best. There are no shortcuts to the beckoning summit, the only approach is to take one step at a time, safely and mindfully. The words of the climbing Sherpa Kipa announced the goal loudly and clearly-don't think about the summit- it's too hard, think only about the next step- the summit will come by itself. This process requires deep interrogation into who we are, what really drives us, our passions and loves, and then designing such journeys holistically and systemically from within, from what matters most. .

These journeys, if co-created with those that matter, take people along, and leave little place for ego, or making others wrong. 

In processes where we enable people to be engaged in their organisations with all of who they are, their hands, hearts, minds, and spirits, abundance are often unleashed to the surprise of those who believe that there is not enough for everybody, where we have to compete in a world where we think that second place is the first loser, where we have to become the best in the world, rather than the best for the world. 

As two Internationally Accredited Associate Logotherapists, the partnership between Indigo Skye and the Stress Less Clinic (owned by Sean Waters), was forged from this common passion. Two Logo-therapists with global associations living with purpose and passion. 

A dream awakens- touching an Indigo sky